Main Changes from version 3.0.0-5U

Date Available: 12/06/2011

Nintendo 3DS Camera

    • Added feature to record and play 3D videos.

Nintendo eShop improvements and additions for several features

    • Added feature to allow purchased software to download while device is in Sleep Mode

    • Improved convenience, such as the function to save credit card information and purchase content by adding only the amount of funds required to purchase content.

Updates to StreetPass Mii Plaza

    • Added new panels to Puzzle Swap and a sequel to Find Mii.

    • Added Accomplishments

Transfer from Nintendo 3DS to Nintendo 3DS has been added to Software/Data Transfer

    • Software, Sounds, and Images can now be transferred as a whole from one Nintendo 3DS to another.

New QR Code reading function for the Nintendo 3DS Camera

    • Added ability to scan a QR Code® using the quick-launch Nintendo 3DS Camera function on the HOME Menu which will launch the Nintendo 3DS Browser to display a website or open a product-information page in the Nintendo eShop.

Improved system stability and convenience

    • Improved system stability and convenience for an improved user experience.

    • Improved Parental Controls to include a parental consent mechanism in accordance with the child online privacy protection laws of some countries. This new feature will require parents of children under a certain age to provide consent before their child can use those Nintendo 3DS features that allow children to share personal information online.

Main Changes from versions 2.2.0-4U

Date Available: 11/13/2011

New feature for the friend list

Main Changes from versions 2.1.0-3U, 2.1.0-4U

Date Available: 07/25/2011

Improvement to system stability and convenience

Main Changes from version 2.0.0-2U

Date Available: 06/06/2011

Nintendo eShop

Internet Browser

Transfer functionality to move DSiWare™ from Nintendo DSi™/Nintendo DSi XL™ systems to the Nintendo 3DS™ system

Automatic system updates

Improvement of system stability and user experience

Removal of limited time offer 3D video "White Knuckles" by OK Go

Main Changes from version 1.1.0-1U

Date Available: 03/27/2011

Limited time offer 3D video "White Knuckles" by OK Go

System stability improvements

SpotPass™ upgrade

Enhanced network connection functionality

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